Wednesday, December 9, 2015

LIMA Ride LPMTB Carnival 2015

We are no professionals!
We are just a bunch of enthusiastic riders whom might be a CEO, a Sole Proprietor, a Manager, a Farmer, a Mechanic, a Salesman, a Lorry Driver or just a simple Factory Employees who just loves to get together for pedaling into healthy community regardless of states.
Once awhile, we might get together in a big group to participate in some major event together just like this LIMA Ride LP MTB Carnival 2015.
This is the second time we join as the last result was not up to our own expectation. 
As for this year, we are quite satisfied with the overall result that we've performed.
Out of Top 100th riders, we managed to clinch 12 Top 100th Golden Medals back home.
We are not trying to compete with others, but are always challenging our own goals and targets as improvement means that we’ve benefits healthy and fitness too.
Our aim and motive are to motivate more people into cycling and keep moving for themselves of for their family.
Please bare this in mind! Health Is Wealth!

Thank you!