Saturday, March 10, 2012

3rd MCC Muar Pagoh Agro Bazaar MTB Jamboree 2012

Dear all! 
We are ready to announce our event on 1st July 2012. Are you guys ready for our Jamboree this year?
Further information and route will be publish out soon. This year, we would want to make this event more special and promote with Muar's famous delicacy to all riders inclusive of family or friends. 
Thank you!


  1. When you mentioned promoting "Muar's famous delicacy", does that mean got Yien Chen Siang PowerBak and Mar-Poh Otak otak available at every waterpoint?

    1. Hi Melvin! Not at water point lah bro! We design into at least 5 or more counters with Muar famous food like Asam Pedas, Mee Rebus & others including drinks to let our participants enjoy after their meal after the ride. We are riders too & we should know what a riders wish for after a hard ride and further more, some might travel long distance to support our event.